Prologue to the London Fashion Week.

You have to find joy in the small things – they say – in the simple, bonsai pleasures of everyday life, be contented, and grateful for all you have and for each and every moment you are allowed to spend on this Earth, extraordinary, precious moments, without striving for anything more than what you have. Bullshit, listen to what I say: take it all, as much as you can, whenever, wherever, and more, more, more. Provoked by Zen and simple common sense my belligerent answer is unshakable: drugs! Non-stop. Hip hip hooray. But the list of duties for a hyper life-style is an irresistible flood, constantly expanding, spreading, overwhelming everything on its run, the frantic run to the Cornucopia of Heaven-On-Earth. No more dodgy take-aways, restaurants instead, the posh ones, go there, order something that is not on the menu, then complain till the waiter starts crying, emptied of his human dignity. Don’t drink cheap wines, flaccid champagne either, but Italian spumante, exclusively, even with stew and mash, Jesus, for breakfast too. And do not spend less, miser, earn more! Because the important is not taking part, but winning, otherwise why would they keep the score? Don’t bail out Greece, break its back, or let Turkey invade it again and fix it for you. But most important do not be happy with any piece of cloth, like a scallion, do not hang out like an anonymous tramp: it’s time for London’s Fashion Week!

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