“When the man with a 45 meets the man with a rifle, the man with a pistol is a dead man”, but there’s no real need to disturb Sergio Leone, or to mention firearms, it just takes a lunch with your new colleagues to get bored to death. When the man with the comb-over meets the man with a priest’s face, the man sitting with them is in trouble. Alas, I wish they were all like ol’ good John, the Scot from the naval department, such a nice guy. Anyway, fair enough, you can’t expect much from your office, if you’re after some fun, wait for the Saturday night’s party.
The food is stunning, as much as you want, not as much room though, since someone decided bottles of wine have the same rights as human beings, and their mass immigration onto the table began. Outside it’s cold, I have to prevent my thoughts from freezing, I smoke cigarettes the wrong way round, but inside it’s such a rare warmth, under the benevolent eyes of the shady landlord. No use complaining anyway: I appreciate the fundamental law of economy according to which price is a variable depending on demand, offer, and the amount of alcohol in the buyer’s veins. As they start charging 5 pound for a bottle of beer, the kitty-sized one, Beppe laughs, look how he laughs, look, he laughs and feels good, and makes you feel good in turn: priceless. Germano is on a great night too, shaking his hips, hopping around, how sweet. He’s adorable, I agree, but calm down Marietta, stay at your place, please, he’s got a girlfriend on a plane to London, learn from Tina, staring at her phone, impaled she is, occasionally raising her eyes and cursing who knows whom, then back into her digital world. Angry bird. But there’s nothing to joke about, Sara isn’t well and Francesca too, she’s staggering outside. Poor lady, every time I meet her she drinks too much, then collapses. She does it on purpose, so I’m suggested, to gain some attention maybe, but I don’t know, I’m too naive to see this sort of stuff. I guess if she just showed her naked boobs, she would have more success and be spared from the hangover, but I’m too naive to understand. I’m so socially awkward: once I took a personality test, and I failed it.

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  1. Giovanni ha detto:

    Chi è questo ragazzo scozzese, che suona alla grande ….

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