Unit 2, Lesson 1 [English version]

I want to move, to relocate, I want to live in the world of language courses, where it’s all so oh-my-god perfect and everything is in the right place: the pen is on the table, the cat under the chair, and Spain south of France. No unemployment in Languagecourseland, smiling police – ever seen a rioter there? – and children so keen on visiting their grandparents, who apparently don’t smell like urine, though this is never explicitly specified. Mr. John owns his house, mortgage is not really a word you have to know in Beginner-Intermediate City, and he’s always happy, at home, with his neighbours, at work, despite being so ignorant that he can only use the simple present tense. The ball is red, there are three more in the living room in case you are worried, the grass in the garden is so green and the sky is just, how to say, blue, while the circus of politics doesn’t exist and everything goes with the flow in the most efficient of all anarchies. Here comes Mr. John again: he’s driving his car, his belt is not fastened but that’s not important, the important thing is that his toddler is NOT driving the car – which I understand it’s by itself a sufficient condition for safety on the road. It’s time for dinner and you can go to a restaurant, order whatever is on the menu to the don’t ask-don’t tell waiter, also have some drinks: wine, beer, any kind of spirit, I guess eventually you’ll really have to surrender and let your toddler drive you home. Everything seems so clean and nice that it might as well be false, maybe, for sure it must be fatally boring, to the point of being annoying I’d say, but it’s a price I’m ready to pay, to live in a place where women are respected, people don’t do games on you, and one of your best friends is not ready to stomp on you without thinking it twice. Take it easy, let it be, just don’t care – sings the pop wisdom. Yet, I do care, how can I let it be. It’s a bitter taste, a taste I don’t want to forget, but that’s the reason I can look into someone’s eyes with no shame. Learn your lesson, my dear, ‘cos I just checked: there’s no pen on that fucking table.

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4 risposte a Unit 2, Lesson 1 [English version]

  1. ciku ha detto:

    va’ quante cose mi imparo!
    (look how many things i learn myself)

  2. Johannes ha detto:

    Questo è il mio genere di mondo !

  3. Lisa Corradini ha detto:

    Interessante questa lezione e complimenti a ciku per la chicca su Elio.

  4. wisperin9shad0s ha detto:

    sounds like a perfect world, but I have no idea what Im supposed to be learning here

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